The Importance of Commercial Air Conditioner Cleaning

As technology gets better and better it becomes increasingly important for commercial and industrial environments to be kept cool and temperature controlled. In cases where commercial computer servers, high-profile tenants, and other important equipment are concerned the importance of commercial air conditioner cleaning and maintenance can’t be questioned. Not only are commercial HVAC units a big investment, but they provide climate control for your entire building. Commercial air conditioner cleaning services help maintain cool, comfortable and healthy environments for all tenants and visitors to any commercial building. Here are a few more important reasons to schedule regular commercial air conditioner cleaning.

Reasons To Schedule Commercial Air Conditioner Cleaning

Energy-Efficiency: Every commercial air conditioner works long and hard every day and over time it slowly becomes less and less energy-efficient. It’s inevitable that with age efficiency decreases, but with regular cleaning and maintenance energy-efficiency can be impacted far less than without proper cleaning and maintenance visits. Maintaining better energy-efficiency is a small investment that can save you big on your energy bills today and down the road.

Dirty, Dust & Debris: Commercial buildings are typically very busy places and as a result they collect and gather more dirt, dust and other debris from outside of the building. While filters have the ability to get rid of most of the dirt they don’t filter out everything and layers of dirt can accumulate and cause your system to malfunction. Regular commercial air conditioner cleaning is the easiest way to remove this layer of dirt and keep your equipment working properly for longer periods.

Customer Happiness: When your commercial air conditioner works well all year round no one notices unless they come in off the street on a very hot day. The one time they will take note of your commercial air conditioner is when it’s not working properly or not working at all. As the temperature in your building quickly rises in the heat of the summer, your tenants will quickly become uncomfortable and your phone will be ringing off the hook in no time. With regular commercial air conditioner cleaning and maintenance you can easily avoid these phone calls and ensure your tenants are happy and healthy.

Future Costs & Repairs: Running a commercial building of any size can be costly, so ensuring that you save money wherever you can is important. With proper commercial air conditioner cleaning and maintenance your Rooftop HVAC unit will last for many years to come and experience fewer breakdowns and problems if you were to neglect maintenance over the years. In the end maintenance and cleaning saves you money.

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How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

Have you ever asked the question: How does an air conditioner work? In case you were curious as to how air conditioners worked, here’s a great video, which explains in detail how an air conditioner works to keep your home cool.

Ensuring an even temperature and high air quality in your home is essential to the comfort and health of you and your family. If you’re concerned about whether your air conditioner is working properly or not, call an air conditioning expert at Novel Care today. With over 30 years of experience helping customers in Toronto, York Region, and the GTA we treat each customer like a neighbour. This ensures that they have a great experience and get the services they need.

We rely on referrals for a lot of our new business, so keeping each customer happy is in both our best interest and yours. Over the years business has continued to grow for us, which tells us that our customers are happily referring their friends, neighbours, relatives and co-workers to Novel Care.

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How Does An Air Conditioner Work?