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Fall Furnace Maintenance Is Important

Now that summer’s gone and fall is here it’s time to start thinking about proper fall furnace maintenance. There are a number of reasons to properly maintain your furnace and at the very least have a technician take a look once each year. Bring proactive about your home’s heating system can help make sure your furnace and duct system operates efficiency through the cold winter months and all year round. Toronto furnace professionals at Commercial HVAC Heating & Cooling have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your heating system is ready for the worst winter has to throw at us. In addition to having a professional heating technician in Toronto evaluate your furnace there are a few things you can do on your own to keep your heating system in good shape. Here’s a fall heating checklist that can help you extend the life of your furnace and improve it’s efficiency:

  1. Inspect Your Furnace: Simply taking a look around the exterior and inside of your furnace every now and then is a good idea. If you’re comfortable doing so, take a look inside your furnace’s flue with a light and look for any moisture buildup. Tapping a flashlight or screwdriver on exposed surfaces to see if there is corrosion or if rust falls off can also reveal some problems. Rust can be a warning sign of many different problems that shouldn’t be ignored, which means it’s time to call an expert Toronto furnace repair technician. Overall, if you see any corrosion, rust, moisture, or soot around the interior or exterior of your furnace call a professional.
  2. Fall Furnace Maintenance Includes Ductwork: Over time your heating system’s exposed duct work can shift and separate as it heats up and cools down. Checking for any leaks on your exposed ductwork and sealing them up can help to increase furnace efficiency. If you suspect a leak somewhere on your ductwork simply brush some soapy water onto the area while the furnace is running and if it begins to bubble you have found a leak that needs sealing. For small leaks high quality duct tape can normally do the trick, but for larger ones it’s a good idea to as a professional furnace maintenance technician for help.
  3. Change Your Furnace Filter: One of the most important part of your fall furnace maintenance checklist is to ensure that you change your furnace filter. If you find that your home is typically dustier than most due to the area you live in then it’s advisable to change your furnace filter at least twice each year. Additionally, if you’ve recently had home renovations done there may be a build up of dust from construction activities that needs to be filtered out of the air in your home, which can in turn build up and clog your furnace filter. Since changing your filter is so easy and affordable it’s a good idea to periodically take a look at it and change it when necessary.
  4. Replace Your Thermostat Batteries: If your thermostat is battery operated then it’s essential to regularly change the batteries during, and outside of your fall furnace maintenance schedule as necessary. It can be disastrous if you leave for a winter vacation and your thermostat batteries die. This can lead to your furnace not working at all during cold days, which can lead to bursting pipes and other major issues. Alternatively, this may lead to your furnace running non-stop which will be very expensive and generate a lot of wear and tear on your furnace.
  5. Clean The Furnace Vents: During your fall furnace maintenance it’s important to take a walk outside and clean out any intake air vents to ensure they’re clear of debris, insects, or anything else that could cause problems if drawn into your furnace.
  6. Test Your Furnace Before It Gets Cold: Why wait until it gets really cold to turn your furnace on? When fall hits take some time to run your furnace for 10 minutes to ensure that it’s working properly. If you wait until it’s a freezing cold night you may find yourself calling the Commercial HVAC emergency Furnace Repair hotline: 416-727-5016.
  7. Professional Furnace Maintenance: The most important part of your fall furnace maintenance plan is to schedule an appointment with a reputable and professional Toronto furnace maintenance company like Commercial HVAC Heating & Cooling.

For more information about fall furnace maintenance in Toronto, York Region, and the GTA contact Commercial HVAC Heating & Cooling today: 416-727-5016.